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Just when you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...
It turns out to be the dang train again.

Just as I am just about to emerge from the Lien on my wages by the IRS. The company I work for has decided to change the policy on use of company vehicles.

Ever since I became a crew chief/driver, I have had a company pickup truck that I took home. It was sort of an exception since I live 45 miles from the office.

I've been driving a company rig for over a year. This has benefited the company when there were pop up jobs on weekends since there I was, with a truck sitting in my yard, rather then an hour away in Essex when the job is ten miles from home.

It also benefited me since I for the last year have had no commute costs.

Now... the new policy will be that I can still take the truck home on weekdays but I have to return it on Friday night and then I can pick it up on Sunday night for the following week.

That means I have to drive 180 miles (Two round trips) in my own car (Which is broken and parked for the winter at the moment) at my own expense so the company truck can sit in the parking lot for less than 48 hours...

Ad in the fact that the truck itself will be making the same round trip and packing on mileage, and the fact that my car will be sitting in an unsecured lot, 45 miles from home and unavailable to me if I need it...

It just doesn't make sense. My supervisor told me when I tried to explain this to her, the the other crew chiefs drove their cars to the lot to take a truck.

While true, it doesn't negate the fact that all of the other crew chiefs live within a 15 mile radius of the office.

So... here I am faced with having to drop $600 plus to fix my car, re-insure it and then get a current state inspection sticker on it, just so I can blow at least a tank of gas and about 4 hours of my already too short weekend just shuttling vehicles around and letting my car sit somewhere I can't use it myself for 5 days.


If I spend the money to get the heater fixed in my car, it will be so I can use it for myself. NOT the gorram company!

If they will not make accommodation for me about this, I will be looking for other work. If this is how they treat the one guy who always says yes when there's a call out, get up at 3 am to go to a job three hours away in another state and stuck with them when work got tight, then I don't want to work there anymore.

Guess it's time to polish up the Resume... Of course, I'll need to get my car fixed regardless so I can get to another job.... If I can find one. It took me a year on unemployment to get this job.

Yep... it's the train about to run me over.

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Sorry, mate. That sucks.

That sucks:( Good luck with everything. I really hope it works out:)

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