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Quick update...
Haven't posted here in a while but I'm still kicking.

Finally finished up Quest. Now maybe I can get back on the other three story lines I have going.

Also, for you Chuck fans....

I didn't know Zach could sing this well.

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Glad to know you're still writing.

I think I'm going to start up Keeping On again... I've missed writing my little 'Verse.

And I absolutely adore Zach Levi. Thanks for sharing!

Great that you finished Quest when will you be posting the rests?

I saw your tweet about finishing Quest. What did you say? A year and a half? Oh, I've got you beat. Command Decisions took me a little over two years, nasty beast that it was.

So, I feel your pain and your pride. Well done to get it all out!

Edited at 2010-11-15 01:45 am (UTC)

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